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RESCO Introduces Dust Suppressed Monolithics


Resco Products, Inc. Introduces Dust Suppressed Monolithics

August 1, 2005

Pittsburgh, PA –Resco Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of three new dust suppressed monolothics. All three products contain an additive that minimizes dust generation during mixing and placement.

The first product is Rescocast 3A-DS. This is a 60 pcf density castable.

Pacocast 28LI-DS is also new to the market. This is a conventional cement castable that can also be gunned.

Finally, ProGun 26LI-DS is the third product released. This is a fireclay-based conventional cement gun mix.

You may get a data sheet for any of these products by clicking below.

Rescocast 3A-DS

Pacocast 28LI-DS

ProGun 26LI-DS

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